First stop…

South America

Get ready to take a bite out of the world, one country at a time! Universal Yums takes you around the world on a culinary adventure, starting with a flavorful tour across South America!

What’s in a box?

A tasty trip

Travel to a different country each month… with your mouth!

Trivia & games

Play trivia, learn snack history, and enjoy interactive games as our 12+ page booklet guides your journey.

Earth’s hidden snack gems

We found Sweden’s best kept secret (Cookie Dough Truffles) and Taiwan’s most addicting snack (Egg Yolk Popcorn).

South America’s Best Yums

Lemon Plantain Chips

It wouldn’t be South America without plenty of plantains! And these lemony chips from Ecuador will blow your mind.

Passion Fruit Flavored Bubblegum Pops

This is no ordinary lollipop. See for yourself why it’s Colombia’s most popular candy.

Coconut Rice Crispy Bar

Regular cereal bar? We think not! This tasty treat is the perfect combination of crunchy, creamy, and coconutty.

Yum-Maker Highlight

The yogurt-flavored cake in your box literally makes itself! Don’t believe us? Just ask the folks over at La Cumbre. Their factory in Argentina automates the process of baking, filling, and packaging all their cakes and muffins. It also automatically makes them awesome!