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Italian Black Truffle Potato Chips

Italy’s world-famous truffles, now in a chip.

3 Pack | 1.2 oz

One taste is enough to make you want to go to Italy and become a truffle hunter yourself. Seriously.

Italian Snacks

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Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Cornstarch, Chicory Root Fiber, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

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These are pretty good. A nice burst of flavor right off the bat and it smooths out the more you chew. Has a very nice aftertaste as well (which I always worry about haha).

Tyler, Saginaw, MI

Delicious garlicky black truffles. My family and I can’t get enough.

Valerie, Lakewood, WA

My favorite chips so far! Yum!!

Marisa, Wickliffe, OH

Absolutely deliciously delicious! Love them .


Truffle! Truffle! Truffle! Nothing else needs to be said, these chips are packed with so much truffle flavor. It is my go to chip!

Brian, New York, NJ

One of the better Truffle chips I have tasted. Unlike some of the other brands, the truffle taste really shines and does not feel flat. Smells amazing when you open the bag.

Sang, Northvale, NJ
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