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Roast Turkey & Stuffing Potato Crisps

A Scottish holiday feast in every last chip.

3 Pack | 1.4 oz

Hearty roasted turkey, spiced stuffing, and a hint of gravy....all in a crispy potato chip. Magic!

British Snacks

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Potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Turkey & Stuffing Seasoning (Natural Flavors, Onion Powder, Rice Flour, Salt, Spices, Sugar).

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I was hesitant to try these, but then I loved them! They really do taste like Thanksgiving dinner. I’m going to be ordering more.

Wanda, Two Rivers, WI

My little brother LOVED these I had to buy more. They are very well seasoned and satisfy your savory cravings. Unique taste that leaves you wanting more thanksgiving food

Sandra, Stockton, CA

I definitely could taste sage and savory spices in this chip! (Er, crisp, as the British say). It did remind me of turkey and dressing!

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