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Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge

Might be the UK’s most luxurious candy.

3 Pack | 1.8 oz

Classic Devonshire fudge...decked out with rich, creamy caramel & sprinkling of salt crystals.

British Snacks

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Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Skim Milk, Water, Whey, Cornstarch, Dextrose, Salt, Butter, Natural Flavors.

Contains:  MILK

6 Reviews

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good but the german ones are better 😉

Antonio, FRESNO, CA

As a lover of fudge, sea salt, and caramel, these are probably the best things I’ve gotten from UY so far. Bought 15 bags at once after I got my first bag! They’re the actual consistency of fudge too!

Hayley, Chattanooga, TN

Absolutely delicious! Can’t stop going back for more!

Lindsay, Johnson City, TX

These are reminiscent of the 1 cent caramels that my grandmother always seemed to have in her purse. So buttery and they just melt in your mouth. Very addicting!!


Kayden, Athol, MA

Not very good, I expected a consistency of an american caramel but this has more of a tight nougat texture. Not sure if this is normal or not but all bags were the same.

Josh, Fenton, MI
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